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Preparatory School (Grade 1 to 5)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai


We pay attention to the overall development of the child. It all starts with socializing, learning new skills and engaging with classmates. We wholeheartedly contributes to the child’s inner and outer development. Under all circumstances we will try our best to promote a positive environment for the child to grow, learn and improve.

We also guiding young minds to tread the path of curiosity, psychosocial, motor and communication skills in your child.

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Our quality education empowers children and young people, safeguards their health and well being.

Our school culture covers the over arching values of a school, the safety and security provided for students ( physically, emotionally and socially), the relations and opportunities that the school provides for involvement within its local community and the commitment.

Our schools implement technology into their learning process but also understand the limitations. The teacher – student interaction will be in our learning environment. It should, however, be used intentionally and strategically to help students learn, deepening critical thinking and opening new educational opportunities.


  • Listening is the capacity to precisely acquire and translate the significance in the communication process.
  • Speaking means to communicate or expression one’s thoughts and feelings in a spoken language.
  • Preparing the students to know their reading methods and derive when best to apply them is in reality significant, particularly under test conditions when opportunity limitations become possible the most important fact and choices should be made relying upon time accessibility and the significance of the outcome that needs to be achieved. Four fundamental kinds of reading
    • Skimming
    • Scanning
    • Intensive
    • Extensive
  • Writing ¬†¬†abilities might be improved by giving activities on piece and exploratory writing. Students ought to be taught and urged to compose , arrange and organize their thoughts on a giving subject or topic. The significance of sequencing their idea thought process ought to be appeared so as to acquire cohesiveness, completeness and accurateness in their writing.


  • Basically designed by teachers to student who needs more support in their academics.
  • Helps to get improvised in LSRW, visualization, socialization, creativity.
  • Holistic multidiscipline education.


  • Provides a local speaker, a platform for sharing their ideas with our community.
  • Excellent resource to gain knowledge from speaker.


  • Development of self-behaviour and discipline in public places.
  • Complementary of class learning.
  • Practical knowledge.
  • Knowledge of various places.
  • Mental development.
  • Variety of learning.( Culture, Heritage, Food, etc..)

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