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Aashiqa Rasheedha (Grade 8)

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Aashiqa Rasheedha (Grade 8)

The Best Teacher

Hard to remember my name? Just Aashiqa!


Now I am here to talk about the topic “THE BEST TEACHER”.  First of all who is a teacher? Who always scolds us, beats us? Is that correct?

NO…. That’s not correct. I have a definition for that.

T – Talented

E – Encouraging one

A – Affectionate

C – Comedian

H – Happiest one

E – Ever – loving

R – Respectful

This is the definition given by a very wise intelligent girl named T. Aashiqa Rasheedha. Yes that’s none other than me. OK! Jokes apart! To the real life a teacher is a 2nd mother.


How a mother may scold you, may beat you, may kick you, even she may kill you. But never let others to do anything for her child. The same way a teacher also does everything. Why? Because she wants to change you, she wants you to be perfect; she wants her child to be good. There is a quote “A TEACHER IS LIKE A CANDLE, IT CONSUMES ITSELF TO LIGHT THE WAY FOR OTHERS”. 


That’s right. Teaching is a noble profession. No good teacher looks for their own success and endeavor, they always have their students present and future in their minds. OK! It’s going so serious, let’s have some fun! I would like to share one of my experiences which I had with a teacher. What is the habit of a teacher? She enters into the classroom, takes the class and ones again she goes. This is what happens. Right!  But the teacher whom I saw was somewhat different. You know how she enters the classroom, like this (dancing). 

She told us many jokes, riddles, real life stories, motivational speeches etc. How happy the class would be. Isn’t it? She not only took the lessons which are in the book but also the lessons which are needed for our life. Respected chief guest / chairman sir have you ever experienced a teacher like that. If you remember, can you please share with us? Thank you so much sir/ma’am. It means a lot. 

There is a quote… “A teacher may change the whole world”. That’s true. 100% true. A very good example is me, myself. The school which I studied before, none of them knows me. The reason is I never participated in anything. Even though I know that, I refused. 

But once I came here, she changed me, the teacher changed me. She showed me how capable I am myself.  She made me to participate in everything. And I would also like to thank my principal madam who always made an opportunity for that. And now I am participating in everything. I know… I don’t know… I don’t care about that. I just participate. And now I am here.

I didn’t win any prizes before. But as of now I have two medals in my home. It may be a small thing for others. But for me it is a very big thing. Because it is my first achievement. It shows that I have changed.

That’s the power of the teacher. Not only she, there are many teachers like her who changes the world through students. Teachers are undoubtedly the backbones of the students. They play a big role in building the character of students. They give us knowledge, they believe in us, they help us to achieve our dreams, goals, etc. And that’s why they are teachers. We are students. On behalf of every students I would like to thank all the teachers for that. 





The way you teach,

The knowledge you share,

The care you take,

The Love you give,

Makes you the world’s best teacher.


Thank you.

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