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Abinayashree.K (Grade 4-A)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai

Abinayashree.K (Grade 4-A)

How will Recycling help us?

Importance of Recycling

  • Worldwide we dump an astonishing 2.12 billion tons of waste.
  • It includes food, electronics, paper waste and much more.
  • Eventually, there will be no place to put it all if we don’t develop creative solutions to eliminate and reduce waste


Global Recycling Day

  • The Global Recycling Day is observed every year on the 18th of March to recognise the importance of recycling as a resource, not waste
  • The initiative serves as a remainder that much of our trash is reusable, recyclable or not really trash at all



  • The process of converting waste into new product is know as recycling.



  • Recycling helps in conserving natural resources like coal, oil and gas 
  • Recycling metals like Aluminum and steel saves a large energy.
  • Recycling helps in fighting global warming by reducing green house gases. 
  • Recycling of the rainwater helps in maintaining the underground water and
  • smaller aquatic bodies like ponds and rivers.
  • Recycling is the best method to protect our environment by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Recycling helps in reducing waste product which can create water and land pollution.
  • Technology plays a significant role in recycling through advanced waste management programs using innovative tools and software



  • Blue bin meant for Plastic
  • Green bin meant for Glass
  • Red bin meant for Metal
  • Yellow bin meant for Paper


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