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What isdrawing?

     Drawing is creating a picture with a variety of tools, in most cases pencils, crayons,pens  or markers,graphite, chalk, charcoal or crayon.

Some popular drawing

  1. Line art
  2. Doodling
  3. Cartoon
  4. Tattoo
  5. Architectural

Now, we will see the details about types of drawing

Line art

  1. It is a most basic form
  2. It helps Increase hand – eye coordination
  3. Simplify the complex world & improve an artist’s observation skills.

Doodle drawing

Stop yourself from day dreaming & keeping your brain from falling asleep.


Doodling are found in school notebooks often in the margin, drawn by students day dreaming,


  • Improved memory
  • Better concentration
  • Stress relief

Cartoon drawing

This style is used in cosmic & animation.


  • They are great way to bond with your kids
  • They can help develop your child’s imagination
  • They can help your child develop problem solving skills

Tattoo drawing

  • This is a permanent markings
  • It is always personal
  • They can be plain (or) elaborate

Architectural drawing

it is a technical drawing of a building


  • To develop a design idea
  • To communicate ideas & concepts

Major purposes of drawing

  • Drawing for understanding
  • Drawing to record information
  • Drawing as story
  • Drawing as expression
  • Drawing as imagination

Next we will see the

  • World’s first drawing
  • Is a red crayon doodle made 73,000 years ago.
  • Most of the people confuse this what is drawing & painting
  • The main difference between drawing & painting is that drawing focuses on lines & shapes while painting focuses on color & form


Drawing is very very important one in our life for example “Monalisa drawing”.

  • Monalisa drawingis a portrait drawing
  • It was painted in different colors at different time intervals in different layers.
  • This is oil painting
  • This drawing drawn by “Leanardo Davinci” at 1503 years
  • So monalisa drawing is too famous till date.
  • Now a days monalisa drawing cost is 5380 crore
  • So drawing is precious art it plays a big role in are development
  • It can help us think creativity develop hand eye coordination
  • So everyone learn drawing.

 Thank you to all Students & Teachers

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