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Johanna Pretty (Grade 4-A)

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Sri krish international school chennai

Johanna Pretty (Grade 4-A)

Women Empowerment


Indian Culture gives women the utmost respect

Many of our God’s are female they have been worshipped by faithful people.

What is the purpose of women empowerment ? 

Women are the epitome of wealth and power

Women play an important role in society and the whole family is dependent on women for its daily activity. 

 The play the role of  Mother, Wife, Homemaker, Cook, Teacher, Nurse all, at the same time While catering to everyone’s need. 

 The life of women is very hard but she get little or no appreciation. There are lot of women who are extremely talented and multitasked, but have no recognition in society.

What are the challenges faced by women today ? Anybody Here are some reasons.

One of the major hindrance in the growth and advancement of women is genderinequality.

This means that we treat males and females unequally even for the same task.

How do you promote gender equality ?


Many women’s are suffering from abusive marriages

As they are not empowered, they fear to stand up for their rights

If we want to empower women then domestic violence has to be stopped at any cost

The actual women empowerment will come by making the women economically independent.

“The economic dependence of women is perhaps the greatest injustice that has been done to us, and has worked the greatest injury to the race.” 



The government and several NGO’S are making efforts to empower women by creating awareness.

The government is running a large no. of projects for education and skill development of women.

More no of women are getting quality education.

But the true meaning of empowerment is we need to give opportunities to women for – Equal pay – Equal respect – As equal to men.

We look forward to such a NATION.



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