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Manoj Kumar.K(Grade 7)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai

Manoj Kumar.K(Grade 7)

Save Water

We all Know that Water is the Most Useful Resource on the Earth for Example Drinking, Cooking, Bathing and Washing Clothes , etc.

  • Moreover, We use Water for Household, Agriculture, Industrial, Construction and Other Purpose.
  • Also, it is Used for Environmental Purposes.
  • 71% of Our Earth Surface is Covered by Water, Yet Only 2% are Fresh Water.
  • Also in Industries, it is Used for the Preparationof Goods and Products.
  • Furthermore, it assits in Transportation too.
  • Today’s Wastage is Tomorrow’s Shortage.
  • Water is the Gift from the Creator, Protect it! Respect it!.
  • We need to Save Water for the Development to take Place in a Sustainable Manner.
  • We must Understand that is the Basic of Humanity.
  • Our Earth is Green Because of Water.
  • Keep the Rivers Clean and Earth Every green.
  • There are Many Places Facing the Problem of Water Scarcity.
  • Waster Water Today, Live in a Desert Tomorrow!.


Importance of Water in Life

  • Water is a Indispensable Component of Life.
  • We Cannot Survive Without Water for More than 3 Days.
  • If there is no Water There is no Life.
  • The Human body Comprises a Huge Amount of Water.
  • Thus, Human beings and Animals need Much Water to Drink.
  • Also, Plants need Water to Grow.
  • A Drop a Day Wastes the Water Away.
  • We need Safe Water for all Organ to Function Property.
  • Moreover, We can Preserve Our Environment by Saving Water.
  • An Excellent example of this is the use of Water to Produce Electricity.
  • The Use of Hydropower or Hydroelectricity helps in Controlling Pollution.
  • Furthermore, it Prevents the burning of Fossil Fuels, Coal, etc for Producing Electricity.
  • Also, it is Essential for maintaining Earth’s Temperature.


How to Save Water

  • We Must check for Water Leakage from Hand Pumps and Taps.
  • Use Less Shower to Save Water.
  • Fix Rain Water Harvesting System in Your Home and Your Office.
  • Turn off Water While Brushing Your Teeth or While Shaving.
  • March 22 is celebrated as World Water Day.









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