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Mohit (Grade 2)

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Mohit (Grade 2)

TOPIC: Why reading book is so important?

Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why  reading is one of the most beneficial and practical activities that a human being can do. Unfortunately it is a disappointment  that people these days read less. As we know books were the main source of entertainment centuries ago, but with the widespread of technological advances such as the cinema television, Internet, among others, many people left their books on the bookshelf, the purpose of this speech is to present the benefits and the importance of reading.

The reasons are that, through reading a person is going to be able to discover new ideas,  concepts meet new places and people. It develops your communication tools and expands your knowledge. First of all reading gives you a wonderful chance to learn about other cultures and places of interest  in the word. There is a beautiful quote. Let me you that  when ever you read a book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. This means that when one reads a book, it allows one to look at every little thing of a bigger world and that can open up with their imaginations and ideas.

Now let me tell you the benefits of reading books Reading improves your focus, memory mental health and helps you live longer. It relaxes you and kills boredom. While reading books we can go on an adventure without leaving our house. We enjoy entertainment.

And finally, reading books is a good habit. Reading books meaning good use of time, not only reading improves your communication, but it also makes you a better writes.

Dr, David Lewis said losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation.

So lets all relax with the books and say bye to mobile phones, televisions etc.,

Thank you !!

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