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Mugunthana (Grade 9)

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Mugunthana (Grade 9)

Organ Donation

I hope That This Speech Will Help Everyone to  Spread The Word about the Importance of Organ Donation and How it Can Save a Lives.

organ donation is a process by which a person allow his or her organ to be removed legally depending on his or her will or the consent of his family members to save the life of a person who is in need of that Prticular Organ.

every year around 5lakh people die due to organ  failures in india.this could be due to accidents or the failure of special organs.organ transplatation is the one of the greatest achievements that modern science has been able to accomplish.Many lives could be saved and significant Deaths could be avoided if organ donation is done at the right time.

organ donation day is celebrated on the 13th of August of every year.Different programs and awarness campaigns are held to educate the people about organ donation.

Donation Camps are held in various schools,colleges and universities across the country.Liver,heart,kidney, and lungs are some of the organs that are donated after a patients death.

Organ donation is a social act and it can be done by a living donor or a person who is brain dead. A few of the common organ transplantation include the liver,intestines,kidney,hearts,and bone marrow.organs are mostly donated after  the death of the owner,however,many peoples are unaware of the noble act.

To conclude this speech i want to say that death is a mystery concept which mayny people dont understand .death cannot be avoided and no one can run away from death.organ donationis a noble act that could give a ray of hope to another person’s life who is suffering through mny years because of the failure of a particular organ or organ.Be part of this noble act and have donor card that shows the willlingness of a person to donate a organ after his or her death

I wish you to live a happy life full of joy. A life  in which you get a chance to impact many lives and when death knocks on  your door i wish you are content with your life but also make an impact through organ donation you give a chance for another person to live a happy life on this planet.Thank you for listening.   


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