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Naveen(Grade 7)

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Naveen(Grade 7)

Organ Donation

A warm welcome to our honourable chairman sir, correspondent mam, respected ceo sir, loveable principal mam and one and all present here. Myself Naveen from class 7 studying in sri krish international school. Today I am here convey a few words about organ donation.

Let’s start with the definition of organ donation. It is when you decide to save or transform someone else’s life. The person who gives the organ is known as the donor and the person who receives the organ is known as the recipient. The organ donation process happens surgically. Organs like eyes, kidneys, bones, liver and some other tissues and organs can be donated.

There are three types of organ donation they are, Living donation, Deceased donation and Pediatric donation. So, what is living donation? Simple, in living donation the donor donates while he is alive. In deceased donation it is the opposite, the donor donates while he is about to die.

The process of organ donation, first the donor is identified next, he is evaluated for the donation next, there is list of recipients in need of organs the select who is suitable for the donor next, the organ is removed from the donor and the organ is placed in the recipient. This is the process of organ donation.

Wound complications, infections, blood clotting are some risks of organ donation. In rare cases it may lead to death. 8 it is the number of lives that one person can save and enhance 75 other human beings. There is no age limit for donation, even a few months old baby can donate organs.

World organ donation day is celebrated on august 13th every year. On this people take a pledge that I will donate my organs while I am alive or while I am about die. The theme of organ donation day 2022 is “Let’s pledge to donate organs and save lives”.

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