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Priyadharshini.R.T(Grade 8)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
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Priyadharshini.R.T(Grade 8)

Motivational Speech

To our Honorable Chief Guest and Beloved Principal Mam and one and all present here
I’m R.T.PRIYADHARSHINI of class 8 in Sri Krish International School Rathinamangalam,
Before starting my Speech
I like to question you all that Any one knows about Surabhi Gowtham an IAS Officer?
OK Mam/Sir thank you.
Some knows her some don’t know her but no issues because that is not my topic. You all can think “What is her topic or why she is asking these question to us”.
My topic is “Motivational Speech”.
But I’m not going to deliver any Motivational speech, just I’m going to explain about it with my Experience”
So, Anyone can tell what is Motivational Speech?
Reply: Motivational speech motivate or Inspiring someone
Thank you Mam/Sir, What she/he said is right.It will motivate or Inspiring someone.
Always we hear this Motivation from their parents “When we were small babies or infants without any struggles we started walking NO!
First we started crawling after many struggles we started walking”
This motivation will be given by our parents.
At beginning I question you all about Surabhi Gowtham an IAS OFFICER right she was motivated by her Mother.
You all can ask me that what I have motivated and speaking in front of us ?
I have motivated by all my teachers. In my recent memories, I have motivated by a teacher. She came in her period. She asked me
“Priya you are not going to participate in TED Talk?”
“I replied her that I didn’t prepare and on Children’s Day everyone who were participated inTED Talk went to the Auditorium but I didn’t”
She told “no issues you can speak in front of me now and you can participate in TED Talk. Now you can prepare any topic which is suitable for you”
“I have a topic from your speech Mam” I replied.
She was eager to know my Topic.
“Motivational Speech Mam”I replied. She was very happy to hear that.
That is none other than my ENGLISH TEACHER.Not only she every teachers motivate me in every situation.
THANK YOU for all my teachers who always inspiring and Motivating me
THANK YOU for giving opportunity and spending your precious time because TIME is precious than everything.
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