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Priyasree(Grade 6-A)

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Priyasree(Grade 6-A)

Women Empowerment

Hello everyone!! I am going to talk about women who inspired me. She was an Indian American astronaut. She finished her education against the great opposition of her father. She was the first woman astronaut who went to space; she is none other than Kalpana Chawla.


I am priyasree , from class 6th A I am going to give a Speech on how to empower the women


1.Would anyone tell me how to empower women? We should respect women and treat them equal


The word “Women empowerment” itself implies that women are not powerful enough to be empowered. This painful truth has been in existence for   a long long time. The patriarchal society suppressed women’s freedom across the world. Women were not allowed to: vote or even put forward any opinion. As time progressed, They realized that their life. Meaning much more than just serving in the household. As more and more women started crossing the man-made barriers. The world began to witness the rise of women. They hold the hands of all downtrodden people and pull them out of misfortune as they try to improve their life.The women need to use their hard earned power to banish all the injustice that they are facing for a time immemorial.


2.Would you know who Rani Lakshmibai is ?


She was the queen of Jhansi and a hero of the 1st war of Indian Independence She was very brave and fought several battles against the British Courageously.

Here, I would like to motivate each and every woman to fight each and    every day with courage and bravery.


3.Would you know for women why courage is important?


Courage and consistency is the key to success” Because it gives the ability to overcome the fear of reaction.


4.(You know what the sc of women was. Yes I will tell you.

5.There are 5c’s for women That are:


Courage, confidence, communication, connection and career.

Here comes a real life story of writer Arundhati Roy-

She was the granddaughter of a lady who. Used to be beaten on the head by    their husband, and of a mother who went through hell because she was divorced and had to bring up these kids.


I’ll tell you a few steps, where women can be socially empowered.


Most importantly, Men should respect women and accept them as equals. This step itself solves many problems in the society

Lot of gender based inequalities will be reduced.


Therefore, women need to stand for her confidently, courageously. And I would like to end my speech by saying one thing. Respect women and treat them equal”.

Thank you

Have a wonderful day.

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