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Rajeshwar (Grade 2)

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Sri krish international school chennai
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Rajeshwar (Grade 2)

TOPIC: Does Advertising really influence our food choices?

  • Does advertising really influence our food choices? I would agree that, we all are influenced.
  • Advertisements can easily sway one’s food choices, especially adolescents and younger children.
  • I would share an incident from my life itself. After seeing advertisements about health drinks, I did ask my parents to buy me one. Of course they also did, but just as one time and still made me continue with regular cow milk.
  • Are we getting good advertisements only? Even if not, are we matured enough to get influenced with good ones ignoring the non-healthy ones?
  • Today’s children spend most of their time in television, mobile, computers or other gadgets. They may come across many advertisements including that of junk food too.
  • Taking junk foods like wafer, carbonated drinks, processed ones or the ones with more preservatives can result in obesity in children & other health ailments.
  • We would not be aware of healthy & non-healthy food choices. Hence we need to take guidance from our parents, without being carried away just by the advertisements.

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