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SAAKSHI (Grade-4A)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai

SAAKSHI (Grade-4A)

Save Water

  • Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink!


  • Clean water scarcity is a big problem in the country and affects the lives of many. Water is required for all humans, animals and plants to survive. Though earth is called as a blue planet, out of the 71% water available, only 3.5% can be used by us.


  • Water is vital for all living beings to maintain life on earth.


  • For daily activities: Bathing, cleaning, washing, and cooking require water on a daily basis.


  • Industrial uses: Water is needed in large quantities in mining, food, chemicals, and several other industries.


  • Agricultural needs: Watering is essential for  the survival and growth of plants.


  • Ecosystem balance: The water cycle is important for rains and the balance of the ecosystem.


  • Water helps humans to stay hydrated and help fight diseases. Lack or shortage of water causes diseases and conditions like drought, hunger, etc.


How to save water: 


  • Do not throw waste into water. It will create water pollution and harm fish and other aquatic life.


  • Rainwater harvesting is a good method of preserving water.


  • Use rainwater for watering plants, laundry, etc.


  • Turn off taps when not in use.


  • Water plants in the evening to reduce evaporation.


  • Prefer a bucket bath instead of a shower.


  • Check for any leaks in taps.
  • Use washing machines in full loads.
  • Invest in low flush toilets.
  • Be cautious while washing cars.
  • Don’t wash parking areas or garages daily.
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