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Vivika(Grade 8)

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Vivika(Grade 8)

How to Live in the Moment

A warm welcome to our honorable chief guest respected principal mam lovely parents and teachers. Before I am going to enter my topic let I want to know something from you all. Raise your hands if living in the moment is very easy?

Now, raise your hand if living in the moment is very difficult?

I think you all guest my topic.

Yes, my topic is HOW TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

In my point of view living in the moment is very very difficult. Why? because, Our main will not focus on the present moment it will be concentrated on the past and remon the future. I have a proverb for this DO NOT DWELL ON THE PAST, DO NOT DREAM ON THE FUTURE, CONCENTRATED ON THE PRESENT MOMENT. In this you can understand that we should not focus on the past and we should not dream on  the future. Yes, it is correct, To be focus on the moment you should feel relax to feel relax you should need to do meditation so that you feel relax and comfortable so in this way you can concentrate on the present moment. Past is past present is present future is future.We can’t change the past but we can change the future but that is depend on what are you doing in the present moment for example you did a mistake means don’t think about that and don’t spoil your prasann moment yes you did the mistake but that we can’t change it in the past but in the future you can change. Nothing in this world is permanent everything is be passing cloud remember this and be happy always. Next is HARD WORK nothing in this world come free. yes, we should need to hard work to achieve the thing what you think. For example you can take the nature see you should plant the tree next after that it grows and and give fruits vegetables and the oxygen so here you worked hard and you  gained. Next is MULTITASK. Yes, what is mean by multitask? Multitask means doing multiple things at a time don’t do that why? because, mind should be concentrate on one thing at a time then you will free relax and your personal moment will be happy. I would like to end my talk with a beautiful proverb “TOMORROW IS NEVER, HOW SMALL THE TASK, TAKE THE FIRST STEP NOW”.I think you all enjoy this moment


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