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Mid School (Grade 6 to 8)

Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
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Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.

Young adolescence is a pivotal time of physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Middle school learners experience more development at this age than any other stage in their lives with the exception of infancy. The development of middle school learners profoundly impact their educational experience. Therefore, we provide Activity based learning experience to develop unique characteristics of middle school learners in order to maximize their learning experience and Teachers use assessment based instruction to target the discrete concepts and skills each students needs to master according to the assessment data. Whole class and small group instruction includes the following:

  • Reading strategies worksheet
  • Writing skill worksheet
  • Vocabulary games

Who questions much, shall learn and retain much.

– Francis Bacon

Instructional practices place students at the center of the learning process. As they develop the ability to hypothesize, to organize information into useful and meaningful constructs, and to grasp long-term cause and effect relationships, students are ready and able to play a major role in their own learning and education.


While mid schools impart the basic education, it is only in a secondary school where the basics are taken a notch higher and the children are put to test.  Secondary education ensures a great deal of knowledge and a comparatively smoother transition to face the vagaries of life.

It is the time when they are exposed to the outside world and start making decisions on their own

Educators use multiple learning and teaching approaches.

Multiple Learning Approaches are provided to students:

Teaching and learning approaches accommodate the diverse skills, abilities, and prior knowledge of young adolescents, cultivate multiple intelligences, draw upon students’ individual learning styles, and utilize digital tools.


We are keenly concentrating on LSRW to make students read and write effectively. In fact, the integration of listening and speaking with reading and writing will make learners good listeners, speakers, readers and writers so students can communicate effectively.

Extra curricular Activities

We are focusing more on extra curricular activities which help the students to learn about themselves and develop their skills and knowledge in different context and they can also explore interest and create broader perspective.

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