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Vishalini VinothVishalini Vinoth
15:37 23 Apr 24
Yaadhavi GYaadhavi G
17:07 01 Feb 24
akalpu makalpu m
12:34 11 Sep 23
Kumaravel BaluKumaravel Balu
04:25 21 Jun 23
Good School
Vijaya LakshmiVijaya Lakshmi
16:25 14 Jun 23
Partha SarathyPartha Sarathy
17:55 30 May 23
best international school in chennai
Leela SowmyaLeela Sowmya
09:17 22 Mar 23
I love this school because they take good care
Amy RipsyaAmy Ripsya
18:05 06 Feb 23
Best cbse school in chennai.....
Vikram SivaVikram Siva
07:09 25 Jan 23
My feelings of the school and its new "avatar" are positive. My son is developing into a self-reliant, assured young man. He consistently looks forward to going to school and has demonstrated many leadership qualities with his younger cousins and friends. Knowing that he is content at school makes both of us happy. MANY THANKS, SKIS
Shalini KumarShalini Kumar
12:10 13 Jan 23
"We have recently started at this school, our daughter is extremely pleased here, her transition was made simpler under the direction of My Children. The teachers are wonderful. has a cheerful, energetic attitude that is always eager to help. It has made our jobs as parents easier. Such a beautiful school."

Other Testimonials

Jayanth(Grade 10)

December 25, 2022

Being a senior revenue inspector I cannot spend much time with my son. I worried so much about him. But the school is giving so much practice to write board exam by giving so many revisions worksheets online classes and the teachers are very very concerned about the kids. If there is any doubt the children can call at any time and the teachers are very very kind enough to clarify the doubts. Thank you correspondent, Principal, Teachers, PT sir van driver and each and everyone of Sri Krish school.


Harshini B(Grade: 9A)

December 25, 2022

School is very comfortable and gives a good freedom for students. Coaching is very good and

Staffs are very responsible on there work. Van facility is good and safe. Principal is also even

Responsible and makes a super educational programs so the students can be educated not only

Through studies, can also through cultural events. Staffs are friendly and teaching the

Content clearly. Sports activities are also good and affordable for students.


Thanishka.V(Grade: 9A)

December 25, 2022

We love the teachers and working staff’s always feel that the school creates a very positive approach in general, which seems to run throughout the school and is very evident if you attend any school events. The school is offering a fantastic reward and discipline scheme, which really motivate my child to do well.

Thank you.


S. Jeevitha(Grade: 9A)

December 25, 2022

My daughter has been studying in Sri Krishna school for 4 years including 9th standard…observing her study levels she had improved a lot since this 4 years appreciating the efforts of the staff taken to improve the children’s, I am really impressed with my daughters English. She communicates in English with me Seeing her participating in speech, sports, and many more events really shows her interest and she learns more things by participating in every which improve her skills and the way of thinking.. I have listen to my daughter saying her principal mam Mrs. Revathi rajagopalan had always motivated her by giving a positive message each and everyday I am really happy to hear that because a principal like her is a blessing to the children’s because not all principle have time to give a message to the children every day but Mrs. Revathi rajagopalan had taken her time to convey her thoughts to the children which made an impact in children’s mind and the Teachers are very understandable towards the children the teachers are not only teaching them lessons in book but they teach lessons about life making children aware of their future and lastly about the safety in school is really what the parents are worried about as a parent I was worried about that coz my daughter being a girl we need lot of news but I have observed that the Van drivers be secretary guards P.T Sirs these gentleman are very protective towards the children’s safety I am grateful for my decision of making my daughter study in this school Thank you..

Mrs. Tamil Selvi

Maansa(Grade 7)

December 25, 2022

Sri Krish International School is a very good CBSE school for the students. The teachers and the management are always responsive. School timings starts from 8:30 am to 03:15 pm. Education is very good. The teachers are well trained and are providing very good education to the students. Regarding the Library facilities, students are allowed to use the books from the library and gain knowledge. Sports and extra-curricular activities are being taught well to the students.

Regarding transportation facilities, students are provided with school buses with pickup and drop from and to their houses. The school teachers ensure very good safety for the bus students and the students with parent pickup.

The teachers provide valuable education to their students in both the branches. Students learn various skills, discipline, obedience, punctuality and respect to all elders.


C.Harithashri(Grade 8)

December 25, 2022

I am parent of 3 children studying in Sri Krish International school.I am very happy and satisfied with my children’s interest in learning.

They are improving a lot in academic wise and also in leadership qualities. They are conducting extracurricular activities which enhances their physical strenght and concentration. They give great care in the student’s communication. Students are very eager to learn new things themselves everyday. Teachers are really a big reason for each student’s success. The principal of the school Mrs. Revathi Rajagopalan is launching a lot of new programme in improving and empowering all the student’s leadership qualities. Also even all the teachers and staffs working in the school are very friendly and taking care of each and every student like their own child. I am grateful to the entire faculty of the school.


Pranatha Sen (Grade 8)

December 25, 2022

The effort taken by the school in encouraging the students development in studies and extra curricular activities are really commendable. Teaching methods are innovative. Giving responsibilities to students by alloting leadership posts are encouragable and is a training for them to be a disciplined person in their future endeavours also. Upto date information available in MCB app is remarkable. LSRW classes conducted are really a boon for childrens development. I am also happy to see my daughter bring home library books and read it with much interest. Motivational speech given by teachers are life lessons and when my daughter come home and mention it, I am very much impressed for the interest they take in for the well development of the children.

Sajila P

K Pranav (Grade 6)

December 25, 2022

My son K Pranav Vl standard studying in SKI Rathanamangalam school from 2nd std. Journey of 4years has seen good improvement during the year with new activities which is implemented for the betterment of students apart from regular studies. This has given them new confident and opportunity to groom them self in the society in a better way of presenting them for the future. We appreciate all the efforts made for the students wellness and extra curricular activities for future leaders..

Feedback about Academics in SKI

SKI School in Rathinamangalam is known for Sincere, Knowledgeable & Innovative teachers. This School has given enough opportunity for their teachers and students to explore their skills and knowledge.

My daughter (VIth Std) and son (Vth Std), both of them are studying in SKI Rathinamangalam, and I have noticed a progressive improvement in their studies since they joined here two years ago. This is because of SKI Teachers who are very earnest and dedicated in teaching their subject and completing the curriculum on time.

They also regularly monitoring the home work of students and helping them to improve their knowledge on subjects. Also, influencing students and grooming them to grow in the right career path.

Therefore, I would take this opportunity to thank all the subject Teachers for their hard work and extra efforts.

SKI School is not only focusing on studies, but also encouraging students to actively participate in Sports, Culturals, Martials arts and Co-Curricular activities.

Besides, I would also thank SKI School Principal & Management staffs for their strategic planning and systematic operations in the field of education.

Kudos…. to entire SKI School Management for their excellent and extra ordinary support.

Wishing everyone in SKI to have a Succesfull Academics ever and forever!

Thank you!

Janakiraman S

Abinayashree (Grade 4A)

December 25, 2022

I would like to show my profound gratitude to principal for the great job you are doing. Your leadership qualities have not only inspired the staff but also the students. In a morally decadent world, you and your members of staff are not only producing mentally sound students but morally upright ones. We don’t know how you do this but all we can say is thank you. We appreciate all of your efforts.

Our school has infrastructures like Labs, Smart board classes etc., other than academics students are learning Dance, Yoga, Karate, Let’s play learning, Physical Education, Silambam classes. Management is mainly focusing on LSRW skills especially this year as a parent we are happy to see changes in our daughter’s communication skill. Students are getting appreciation from their teachers which is necessary for their academic growth. We are proud to be a part of SKI.


Saakshi(Grade 4A)

December 25, 2022


My daughter, currently in the 4th grade, has been studying in Sri Krish International school since 2018, her 1st grade.

Academically, the school has been giving the right amount of pressure on the kids. There has been no over pressure in the form of too many assignments or cramming too many lessons.

All the teachers in this school are also very considerate. They do not blindly reprimand the kids. Also, they are ready to speak to the parents whenever they are approached. Even the Principal ma’am can ne very easily reached.

They understand their charges’ strengths and shortcomings and change their way of teaching accordingly.

I would like to commend all the teachers for their patience and hard work.

Focus on the additional learning activities are also good. Kids are encouraged to join activities they are comfortable in.

The premises are always kept neat.

The fact that my daughter is delighted to go to school speaks for her mental happiness in the school.

Thank you.


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