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Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy - a distinguished academician, eminent entrepreneur, prominent philanthropist, and an able administrator Message:

Dear parents,

As the chairman of the SKI group of institutions, I believe that,

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.

Knowledge with marks is more important than scoring marks without sufficient knowledge. Of course, I do agree that the mark is the entry pass for higher education, but without knowledge, the mark alone won’t give life. If a learner has knowledge and skills, they’ll get a better placement.

At Sri Krish, we empower students to be self-reliant, resilient decision-makers, and critical thinkers capable of managing emotions and learning from setbacks.

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy, Chairman - Sri Krish International School

From Pre-Kindergarten onwards, the curriculum is designed to incorporate activities that foster practical knowledge in students from a young age to develop their critical thinking. 

Concepts are illustrated with real-world examples, supplemented with additional knowledge outside the conventional framework. 

Equipping learners at SKI to not only keep pace with rapid technological advancements but also prepare them to thrive in the evolving landscape ensures readiness for the challenges of 2030. 

By integrating Artificial Intelligence and STEM education, we aim to cultivate learners with deep knowledge and creativity, fostering a culture of innovation that paves the way for inventions.

In response to the stress and social media addiction prevalent among today’s youth, it’s imperative that we actively engage them in extracurricular activities to provide healthy outlets and promote balanced lifestyles.

Our school education serves as the cornerstone for both higher education and the future success of children.

Training students to face failure fosters resilience, adaptability, and a growth mind set, essential attributes for navigating life’s challenges and achieving long-term success.

Emphasizing the critical role of technology-infused and digitally-centred education. 

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy

(Chairman & Founder of SKI Group of Institutions)

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy


    Mrs. Gowri Krishnamoorthy

    Mrs. Gowri Krishnamoorthy


      Dr. Jayakarthik

      Dr. Jayakarthik

      Chief Executive Officer

        Dr. Kruthi Krishnamoorthy

        Dr. Kruthi Krishnamoorthy

        Chief Operating Officer