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Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai
Sri krish international school chennai

Chairman's Message

The best period of life for a person is his/her learning period in childhood at school. The prime learning period is from age 6-17. The school hours for the children are the best for learning and providing the best environment for a digital oriented learning with value based education system. A 12 year valued based education of 25,000 houses in the school campus is essential to build an open and transparent society with integrity. The school, the environment and the teachers Lead a child to become an enlightened citizen.

CEO of Sri Krish International School in chennai

CEO's Message

A warm welcome to my Supportive Parents, My Precious Students and everyone from SRI KRISH family!

Every child is unique in his/her own way. We at SRI KRISH identify the hidden talents in each child and showcase it to the world in the best possible way!

A student with latest technological advancements learns many things. It is the duty of the Parents, the School and the Society in channelizing what is good and what is bad for them.

Student’s development shouldn’t be confined only to the four walls of a classroom. True development involves Physical, Cognitive and Psychosocial development. Our SRI KRISH students are provided with a plethora of extra-curricular activities, experienced faculty members and State of the art infrastructure to aid them in the process of evolving both physically and mentally.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) education is the need of the hour for the current generation students. SRI KRISH students are provided with hands-on experience with the latest technology robotic kits with a Research & Development lab (R&D) lab to bring their ideas into reality.

We from SRI KRISH work round the clock to give the best for our students. We have ways been open to suggestions and would like our dear parents to reach us out on e Contact details provided. Let us all work together this academic year too and bring out the best in our SRI KRISH Superstars!


Principal's Message

Education is a tool for the fulfillment of economic and social aspirations in a person’s life. Our school has clearly understood that the reason for any school to exist is “students”. We ensure that every student of Sri Krish International School resonate to joyful, value based learning experience and our core values have been built in such a way that every student becomes intellectual, moral valued and resilient in nature. Our curriculum and well-curated pedagogy helps children to develop their fullest potential that extends their dreams and imagination to emerge as leaders in range of professions. SKI school life experiences of students will prepare them for life and make them to learn the art of living. Our students are consistently encouraged and motivated to handle their own problems, voice-up and self-manage in diverse situations. Our school encompasses students with necessary skills development collaborated through various club activities and in-built extracurricular platforms.

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