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Science Lab

Composite Lab

The composite lab is a combination of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics lab with Storage cupboards. The composite lab can accommodate around 35 students at a time where students can get equal opportunities for honing their scientific skills and interests by following the principle of experimental learning. Sri Krish lab settings include spacious tables with reagent shelves, sinks and water taps, a Bunsen burner, reagents and chemicals for experiments in chemistry, a sufficient number of microscopes for slide preparations and observations, charts, and 3D-models as per CBSE and ISC norms

Physics Lab

Sri Krish helps students to broaden their practical knowledge of Physics concepts and principles which acts as a connecting bridge between theory and practical. It is equipped with modern technology apparatus for experimenting with syllabi prescribed by CBSE and beyond. The vast space and furnished environment provide students with a comfortable environment and kindle their experimental curiosity. Lab apparatus includes beam balance, lens, magnet, spring balance, glass prism for respective learning to the advanced apparatus like voltmeter, ammeter and capacitor, resistors and spectrometer, and gauges.

Chemistry Lab

Our well-equipped facility provides students with a hands-on learning experience, fostering a deep understanding of chemical concepts. Under the guidance of experienced educators, students explore the world of chemical reactions, conduct experiments, and unleash their curiosity. With access to modern equipment and resources, our Chemistry Lab is a place where scientific discovery and innovation thrive.

Biology Lab

The Biology Department of Sri Krish is very well furnished with all amenities, advanced equipment, and spacious infrastructure for all classes. A variety of museum specimens for better real-time learning with a school garden of live plants and flowers, charts, microscopes, slides, and models are available and handled by well-experienced teachers and teaching aids. The students are introduced to the diverse cellular organism where they can research further and learn about them on the internet-accessed computers available in all labs.