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School Facilities

School is a building which has four walls and tomorrow inside


School is considered to be the "Second home" for the students where they spend the most vital hours of their day. Sri Krish has a Well-built state-of-art infrastructure of 72000 sq.ft. with an international learning experience. 

Highlights of Sri International School 

A creative studio with a Reading room Sri Krish has different Wings:

  • Pre-Primary Wing (Kindergarten) 
  • Primary Wing (Grade I – V). 
  • Middle/Secondary Wing (Grade VI-VIII) 
  • Higher Secondary Wing (Grade IX-XII) 
  • Administrative Wing
    • Reception
    • Accounts’ Section
    • Principal’s Office
    • Transport Query Room
    • Conference Hall
    • Counseling and Career Guidance Cell
    • Well-stocked Library
    • Stationery Store
    • Record Room and
    • Pantry attached to a spacious dining area and 
    • Vast playground and Net-courts on either side. 

This multi-utility playground helps children enhance their skills and endurance capacity in athletics, sports, and co-curricular. The school gates are under surveillance around the clock.


Sri Krish has bright,well-ventilated classrooms with futuristic facilities where digitalized Smart-board Class technology is used to maximize the audio-visual practical learning experience. Well-trained teachers where each classroom with provided with a knowledge Center containing computers, Digital boards, LCD projector, and a wired network enable the teacher to plan their lessons for effective teaching.

Benefits of Smart Classes 

  • The smartboard-enabled digital classroom offers students a more interactive real-life learning experience 
  • Teachers can conduct the classes in a well-organized manner 
  • Students can understand abstract concepts more easily. 
  • Smart Classrooms enable the teachers to have a proper track of students student’s comprehension levels in real-time allowing them to take remedial action through instant assessment. 
  • Increased Student-Teacher performance. 
  • ICT Smart boards make learning an exhilarating experience for students.